#2 Little Amie in Korea

I’m not lying when I say I don’t remember too much of bus rides in Seoul City before I was six. I know our family rode around plenty of times but they all are bunched up in this part of my brain called Before Taiwan. However there is this one vague conversation mum and I had after a bus ride. She accidentally got us off at the stop before the should-have-been stop.

“It’s such a long way,” she worried my legs would fall off.

“We can walk, we’re missionaries now!” I said without much thought as we walked. Our walk happened right before the Move and all I could ever say was the fact that we were going to be missionaries and we were going to Taiwan. Those two facts actually wouldn’t hit me until much later but they sounded good in my ears those days. It just made sense for me to be someone going to a different country. If I could go to another country, a little extra walk couldn’t hurt me. Little Amie Logic.