(HNGRY2018) Update 1.0

24 Mar 2018*

Dear Lovely Warriors in Christ,

It is T-3 days till our team flies to Hungary. The last time I wrote you, I was conjuring up all my courage to tell my story and to raise funds. So here are some praise reports —

one, I have raised MORE THAN ENOUGH funds a week before the deadline. The overflow will go to my “future dream funds”. Thank you to those who have supported me financially;

two, my job of the trip will be children’s ministry. I am leading the crafts section. The most daunting part of this task is conjuring up something that will be doable with 600 children. Thank God for Pinterest and the team for being totally creative with ideas;

three, this is not as related to the trip but has a lot to do with my dream plans. A few days ago, I’ve been asked to be a part of TOTES & TEES’ events for Fashion Revolution and Upcycle Wednesday. TOTES & TEES is one of the few social enterprises in Taiwan that focuses on fair fashion, ethical trades, and design thinking. The founder, a friend of a friend, asked me if I would be interested in making beanies for them out of fabric yarn (cutting up t-shirts and unused fabric into strips to make yarn). I said OF COURSE. This will be an ongoing project for me to learn more about my crochet teaching abilities and to explore the realm of sustainable clothing;

four, I actually need to skip one class in order to go on this trip. That one class happened to be kind of an important one where the students have to peer review each other’s papers. Thankfully, my friend, being the TA figured out a way for me to make up for it. I call her “Your TA Highness” now.

It’s been few crazy months just preparing and following the steps that God has traced out for me. I’m just excited and happy to be going back “home”.

Now, photo show time!

This is our children’s ministry team (minus the teddy bears and the little girl). The whole missions team is actually composed of 80+ people. The non-children’s ministry teams will be doing home visitations throughout the Roma village.

The Hungarian pastoral team came to visit Taiwan before Lunar New Year. Each of the small groups within the missions team had a meal with them. We took them to a Tea restaurant. Catching up with them after two years got me even more excited for this trip.

Elim, my partner in creative crimes, and I hosted a mini crochet class fundraiser. We were supposed to have seven people show up but in the end, there was only one. But we still achieved our little goal of hosting a class together. I also got my ONE STUDENT really hooked on crocheting.

The two of us will also be in charge of prophetic arts throughout the trip. I enjoy working with this girl a lot. You can check her out here

The 600 children crafts we’ll be doing will be done on a BIG SHEET OF FABRIC. I thought we would have to go over-budget when I realized my friend and I had kept the gargantuan piece of backdrop from our graduation production. With her blessing, I took it, trimmed it, sewed off the edges and ironed it.

This shows the process of creating fabric yarn and it’s beginning stages of crocheting. Can’t wait to share with you the final product of crafts at Hungary and also for TOTES & TEES’ Fashion Revolution.

aaaand lastly, since I keep mentioning our large craft, this is the idea we’re going for. Please believe with me as we calm down many rowdy kids. We definitely need prayers for our health and good synergy with the translators.

I will try to update you again real soon. Thanks for your prayers and support.


Amie Ko