(HNGRY2018) Update 2.0

31 Mar 2018

Dear Whichever Continent You Are On You Are Amazing,

It is day two of children’s ministry of our Hungary mission trip. Jet lag is a joke when
you play with hyperactive children for half a day. There has not been a night I crave sleep
as soon as we return to our lodgings. However, today is an exception so that I can write
you a few things I’m thankful for.

oneeeeee—we predicted there would be at least 600 children showing up. That
was most definitely a crazy overestimation but a very good one. I was just so ready for
bombardment of children but felt so reassured seeing that there was a reasonable
amount of children so we could fully and truly love on them.

twoooooo—the weather here is wonderful. I thought I would freeze knowing that
Taiwan and Hungary had immensely different temperatures but I’m really enjoying the
pre-spring chill of Eastern Europe.

threeeeee—I just see God in little and big things. I see Him giving me random
pictures and I just draw them out even if they don’t make sense. I re-realize the pure truth
in the saying “it is better to give than to receive”.

I apologize for the very brief and general update. Meanwhile, enjoy the picture of
the sunset I’ve just watched a few hours ago. Other photos show crafts time, face painting
time for children during village outdoor crusades, the little humans that I get to lead and
the seasoned humans that I have the privilege to work with.

Cannot wait to tell you more in detail what’s God is doing soon.