(HNGRY2018) Update 3.0

9 Apr 2018

Dear Kings and Queens,

My third mission trip to Hungary has come to a close. I’ve been back in Taipei for a few days, jet lag has been defeated. It’s a Monday morning—starting this week, I will be juggling my life as a student, TA, English tutor, theatre technician, and crafting enthusiast. I may have overcommitted myself to too many different activities this week, but I’ve already had a few days to reflect on what has happened and feel at peace to be a busy bee once again.

Thank you for covering me and our SUPER HUNGARY TEAM the past week. The ten-day mission trip was filled with God’s goodness just blowing over Tiszavasvari. Although the purpose of this trip wasn’t to discover the potentials of creating an empowerment platform that I have mentioned in my first letter, I knew that God had the remote control and it was just on pause.

The focus of this trip was for me to lavish my love onto the children: the next generation that will rise up to bring Hungary back to God. It was a joy seeing how much the little ones I’ve met four years ago have grown taller than me (what do they eat?!?!) Now that they were icky teenagers, they didn’t want much to do with me but still smiled, waved, and still wore bracelets we made the first time I came. I believe that God will use them greatly.

My biggest wow moment happened during the last day of crafts. We were going to print our hands on the big canvas as the tree leaves. I expected chaos—I was very wrong. The children were very capable of coming in neat groups to dip their hands into the paint and to print them on the canvas. They didn’t have a paint fight, they didn’t run around the arena creating graffitis.

I was reminded of how God is so capable of using our group of “teachers” as vessels to touch their hearts. God told me that in His Kingdom, there is no chaos and disorder. The children were giving me a glimpse of heaven through the things we have been teaching them. There wasn’t a moment where I couldn’t see the spirit flowing in and through the smelly gym where we danced, sang, and crafted. I have witnessed His unfailing goodness by leading the children to us and opening up their hearts. God reminded me of completely surrendering my heart and simply loving on the children.

One very different element of this trip was our lodgings, we stayed at a five-star hotel. At first I felt weird and out of place. Never in my many mission trips have I stayed in a hotel. But I began to understand the mission department’s heart for us. Just because we’re serving doesn’t mean we have to suffer in mediocre conditions where we sleep in sleeping bags on church floors and use toilets that are constantly clogging. The comfort gave me quality sleep and nourishment for each new day of ministry.

Another luxury we were blessed with this time was the army of translators. We had ten-plus translators distributed among our whole team. Each home visitation small groups had one, the children ministry was assigned three (quick note on home visitation team: While we were doing children’s ministry, these small teams went to visit houses in the village that requested prayers to the local pastors. They didn’t randomly barge into homes. Some of their testimonies are crazy but they are not my stories to tell). Three translators were a luxury—we only had one in the past. I was touched to hear every time they thanked us for serving their country’s poorest of poor. As we worshipped together every morning before heading out to our locations, we became one big family without nationalities.

We hosted a Easter carnival, using a whole arena to create activity booths. We had crazy long soul trains by the end of our final dance. I was spontaneously called to “do lights” on a moment’s notice. All they had were on-off switches —which was a relief and a disappointment. In the end, Sarah the stage manager of the day told me that I “turned the lights on and off at all the right times. SO GOOD!”

One word that I kept receiving throughout this trip was “catching the wind”—God is already blowing his glory over his children, all we have to do is to ride upon it. I have realized that coming to this trip was me trying to catch the gust of wind that God has placed to help me see a little better into my future after my college days—whether it would be attending BSSSM, doing more crafts in Taipei, trying to stay in Korea for at least a bit, studying in Europe, or finding a job only God knows where. I have been seeing 11:11 (in Hebrew, 11 is a number of transition) way too many times these past few days and I am excited for the season of transition that God is about to bring me into.

God has definitely been answering my dreams this season.One of my many dreams is to travel. The Rest & Recreation & Reflection (I like to add my own third R) for the Hungary trip took place in Vienna, another new city that God has blessed me to explore. I love marking stars on Google Maps to all the places I have been; it’s still pretty empty but I know that it will light up like a Christmas tree pretty soon. God reaffirmed me of how it’s always more and most.

In other exciting news, I’ll be traveling again very soon. Dad’s biggest dream is to reach all the Chinese speaking people in the world. If you don’t know by now, where there is land, there is Chinese speaking people. Fathers School, a seminar program translated from Korean and fully managed by my dad, has now reached over most of the continents. This time he will be kickstarting in Rome and Paris; mum will also be joining to minister at Rome with Mothers School.

Finding out that mum didn’t need to serve at Paris, I asked her “but whatcha gonna do all by yourself?” and she replied “I dunno, wanna come with?”. I agreed within a heartbeat. But my dad said I had to figure out if I could be excused from my responsibilities, I received permission within a few hours. I’m very grateful that our family can finally go on a trip outside of Taiwan and Korea and I doubt that it will happen much after I graduate. Please pray over my parents as they empower to the mums and dads of Rome and Paris. I will be helping out in some other ways with a mini children’s finance learning camp. I pray that God can show me and teach me through tons of exploring around the cities. Gotta go cram some Italian and French.

Thanks for taking your time to read this update. Please do feel free to ask me any questions! I know your prayers and love are always covering me.

In His Love,