#HNGRY2019 Support Letter

Dear You,

You may have known me as a naive, young kid, trying to find my way through the winding paths of life. Or you may have known me just a few here-and-there’s ago, where we might have talked about our hopes and dreams.

Whether you’ve known me for long or short, you are receiving this video letter because we’ve had meaningful conversations about a dream deep inside my soul.

To recap, a general timeline of my life consists of multiculturalism, endless visa applications, many plane trips, and infinitely trusting God as my provider.

After graduating from uni last year, my visa in Taiwan expired. I said see you later to the place I’ve spent most of my life, and finally experienced living in my passport country for the first time after my kindergarten years. It was cold, unfamiliar, and totally confusing. Staying in Korea made me realize that I don’t want to waste another second wallowing in a life that just ends in an endless cycle.

Then I thought back to my second mission trip to Hungary. Working with the Roma people has often reminded me of myself. Romas are more commonly known as Gypsies but that’s a racial slur. They are a group of people that lack conformity and identity. They’re outcasts. Most of my life, as a TCK who’s always been a big conglomeration of identities, I knew their answer to affirmation was Jesus.

I also wanted to empower them through arts—to redeem their story with crafts and use it as a platform to break their cycle. 21 year old Amie was so sure of her life long pursuit. Now I’m 24.

I was still in Uni, though. Any ideas of moving away and starting entrepreneurial or ministry work sounded crazy. But graduating, working a short while in Korea, seeing the world through a more seasoned lens got me thinking that crazy isn’t impossible, crazy is necessary.

So I’m back in Taipei: cushy home; hugged a bunch of people I’ve missed; talked to Danny, my big brother at church who’s in charge of the missions department. He invited me to be on a longer mission trip as I told him “I think I’ll just move to Hungary.” In return he asked me what stakes I was willing to take and I said whatever.

The plan is to be at Hungary for a month and a half starting mid June. This will be a little trial for me to experience and see everything going on in their ministry. Meanwhile two mission trip teams will visit: one from BREAD OF LIFE INTERNATIONAL and another one from BOL Youth & Young Adults. I’ll work with both teams while developing relationships with the Hungarian pastors. Danny asked me to think goals, and dream wisely.

Without hesitation, I said yes. Then I caught up on the details later.

The BOLI team’s main goal is to host a youth retreat for the teenagers in the Roma church in Tiszavasvari, it’s the town where I went for the last three trips where lots of Roma people live near the Hungarian-Romania borders. The past three times I was there, I worked with a minimum of hundred rowdy kids. This time, the expected number of attendance is an astonishing low of twenty. I am so excited at this intimate number.

After the retreat, we’ll head to Budapest to host interest nights for people to know more about BOLI as we prepare to launch there in the near future.

The BOLI team will leave on the 25th and I get a week off!

After a week-long break, the Y&Y team will come. During our month in Budapest, we’ll spend our weekdays learning Hungarian and doing outreaches. Every weekend we’ll go to Tiszavasvari to teach practical classes to children and teenagers.

I’m very excited about this trip. I’m very glad I’ll be escaping a grueling Taipei summer, which is not the point. As ecstatic as I am, I still have a couple of worries here and there.

A few years ago, my umma told me the story of how she ran away from home to be at YWAM when she was just a bit younger than I am now. She’s been repeating that story more and more to affirm me that I am fifty times more capable than she was then, how I have the support of family, friends, and an army of angels. I’m pretty sure she had the protection 7k armies of angels, but who am I to argue? She told me to follow what I think I need to do. Sometimes it’s not about waiting for a calling but acting upon what brings me life and joy. If it brings me joy, God delights in it.

So with that blessing from people all around the world, I’m happy to be sharing and updating you through my newest journey that will take place from June 14th to August 1st.

Please pray for me and if you feel led, do support me financially as I do have to raise around 70 thousand NTD (2300USD).

There are several ways for you to donate:

  1. Patreon: where you get to fund me monthly.
  2. Make a one-time donation through Paypal
  3. If you hold a Taiwanese or Korean bank account, you can wire me
  4. or, if you see me often: just plain old cash will be great too.

Thank you so much for listening to my story. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

I can’t wait to tell you my next update!