#HNGRY2019 Update 6.0

Helllooooo from an Amie who just got off the noisiest plane ride everrrr, I think that was the most crying children I have heard on a plane ride.

This Amie is also drinking a 10 USD acai smoothie at a random juice place at the Dubai airport that is playing way too much early 2000s dance pop–the smoothie is refreshing but my body would love to find the solace of an actual bed.

Even though it’s been a little sad that I have to fly alone (my teammates’ flight was booked way before mine and was probably full, that’s probably why) but I’m also super glad I get to have the freedom to not care about someone else in the selfishness-inducing scenarios of flying somewhere.

This is just the short update to let you know that my 45ish days in Hungary (and around Europe) has come to an end. I’ll be surrounded by the stickiest humidity of Taipei in 20 hours–sweltering but home.

I pray that I allow myself to really reflect and ask God what these past days have been about. I also want to be kind to myself about jet lag and to really remind myself not to overbook, overcommit. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me, more detailed v/blogs will come up after I get an actual decent sleep. I just know that I am very much thought of by all of you. 

whatt-time-is-itttt Amie