I have a job now.

Laundry is spinning around as I type this. I look over and wonder if I added too much detergent because the bubbles forming inside the washing machine seems a little too excessive. Not sure if I was just too excited from all the energies teeming around me or the overly caffeinated tea I just had a few moments ago.

But all this chores things will end because umma decided to attend a seminar in Seoul. Ergo, she’ll be joining me in this tiny little one room space for the next month.

Monthly update seemed like a great idea when there was a time of infinite waiting around. Now the world seems to like throwing a lot of newness at me. As overwhelming as everything is, I feel protected and well-provided for. My Mondays are dedicated to triple R’s, rest, recreation and reflection, as it has officially become my day off.

Off-Mondays were a concept that has stayed with me since I was little—appa was a pastor so Mondays were for sleeping in (at least for him), and during my last year of Uni, I also had the laziest no-class-Mondays after long hours of running lights at church.

But no, my new (and first) job is not a church job though it is job that makes me feel at home.

Through a couple degrees of separation, as mentioned last update, I got connected to a stage management production company and they hooked me up with The Lion King in Seoul. When we were just talking about it, it seemed reasonable. The idea of it was fascinating. It felt like a dream job. I thought why not.

So after a very short interview with the actual head stage manager of the touring company, I was told to come to work the very next evening. By work they meant I should come watch the Friday evening show.

Upon the very familiar beginning notes of Circle of Life, I was stunned. “Wait, they don’t need me here, how the heck am I supposed to be a part of a freakishly well polished show? This is insane. Absolutely bananas.” Baby Simba was adorable, the hyenas looked gruesome, Timon and Pumbaa were just as silly as I remembered in the animation, and oh gosh all the theatre magic was just on point.

Saturday and Sunday were my official “learning the track” days. Saturday and Sunday in Saturday lingo is aka two dow shay, more commonly known as two-show days where everyone and everything is in a hissy mood after act 1, it’s a real phenomenon, look it up.

Matinee on first show was overwhelming. Evening show was filled with lot’s of “ooooh, that’s how it’s done”. The Sunday matinee, I finally felt like I was getting initiated. Sunday evening, I got to do a few cues myself, I was very smug.

I could probably go on and on about what happened the first three days of my very first real professional job. Everything feels surreal and I’m just in disbelief. I decided that writing about it will definitely help me along, so I’m starting a new blogging section called Theatales where I get to talk about tales that happened in my past theatre experiences and the ones that are to come. To say I’m excited is an understatement.