not written by me

This is a list compiled by our high school senior year English teacher, he was a thoughtful introvert who stuck to his guns about many values. My classmates always muttered he was a better person than a teacher, I still don’t quite understand what they mean. His class is probably why I graduated with a major in English.

I read this list whenever I need some wise reminders. I hope this inspires you, too.

Important Announcements for the Class of 2013:

  1. Life is a gift.
  2. No one said it would be easy. Don’t make big decisions because of fear.
  3. Sing.
  4. Trust is faith’s very muscular brother. Trust is a sign of strength, not weakness.
  5. Miracles are everywhere—look for them.
  6. Think about heaven. Think about eternity. Think about souls. Think about poetry.
  7. Avoid… Airborne electricity. Fame. Pride. Gossip. Bitterness. Makeup.
  8. You do not need to fill every hole; many of them are beautiful valleys.
  9. The audience is bigger than you know. Imagine your life as a movie.
  10. Racism is green snow trying to kill purple ice. Consider ugliness as a problem with your eyesight.
  11. Love is not math.
  12. Facebook is neutral; YOU are amazing.
  13. The best cure for depression is focusing on other people’s needs.
  14. Practice being satisfied with THIS.
  15. Color is Evidence. Music is Proof. Eyes are Windows. Hands are Doors.
  16. Those who seek will find. Those who do not seek will find something else.
  17. Prepare yourself for intense criticism from people who love to point out what is missing in you.
  18. Stop being so critical about things that don’t matter very much.
  19. Competition is relative, not definitive.
  20. A new rule for yourself: don’t sit at the same table with the same people all the time.
  21. Also, be comfortable enough to sit by yourself.
  22. Read more than you watch, and practice holding back some of your thoughts.
  23. Secretly give some money away to people who need it more than you.
  24. Smile at fools and don’t let them get your goat. invest in wise friends and give them your goat.