Weddings & Events

I like making my friends happier on their happiest day of their lives. Talk about overachieving.

Danny & Mandy’s

Basically, three huge boxes full of fresh baby’s breaths, 50+ meters of fairy lights, and one beautiful December day.

Shine & Joy’s

Very sunny April day up in the mountains. The florist somehow messed up the bride’s order. I assured the bride I got it covered, gently ask the florist to leave so I could tear every bouquet apart and reassemble them. She said she loved it.

Jason & Patty’s

Yes, this was a Super Mario themed wedding. The fire flowers are real.

Sam & Kate’s

First wedding I’ve ever coordinated & decorated. A lot of sakura pinks and golden petals. I had to speak Korean to the groom’s family, English to the bride’s family, and Chinese to the wedding venue management.

Wonder – Women’s Ministry

We handmade every little circle and strung it as a golden rainy mobile. Everyone found it insta-worthy.