I swear if I hear the word “postponed” one more time, I will smash something.Because of current situations, the Missions Department has decided to postpone all travels indefinitely. In the last update I wrote:So 2020, my year of privilege looks like a few plane rides, an abundance of ask-and-you-shall-be-given, and a stunned repetition of “wow, I get to do this?!” Now, I’m sitting in my bed, typing this long overdue letter, thinking “God, what now?”

The calendar in our church office has gone through multiple corrections while the only thing that survived this quarter was Daisuke and Vicky’s wedding. Weeks leading up to the wedding, I picked up many phone calls with Vicky crying on the other line. COVID-19 induced fear, disruptions, and travel ban prevented their wedding from being ideal but in the end it was perfect. “Many people said they felt hopeful about relationship in this chaotic times.” she told me gladly few days ago. Peace is hope fulfilled. I felt privileged to be her maid of honor during this celebration in the storm.

All this postponing is reminding me that my definitions of privilege might not be what God has in mind. It happens. I say “Hey, what do you think?” and God goes “Yeah, how about better?” 

Indefinitely postponed is such an awkward and uncomfortable stage. Despite all uncertainties, Kenya Team has still been preparing for the day we’ll be going. The top photo features my lovely production team working their projection magic. Bible School classmates in Kenya Team ganged up to get vaccinated, just the day before we found out everything was postponed. Thank God the vaccine lasts a lifetime.

Hungary Missions support group is still meeting up to figure out details for future days. Hopefully I’ll finally talk about Hungary details in the next letter. I think I’ve finally learned to write shorter letters.

I hope wherever you are on this globe, you lean into peace and love. 

With all the hope in my heart,

Amie Ko