The origins of my love for traveling and everything else

Attending an international Christian school from middle school meant that I grew up in an environment with a special set of worldviews. I’ve learned that the world is a small place and little actions can make a change.

We had Christmas projects each year to raise funds for causes like children in Uganda or orphanages in Taiwan. I remember having endlessly many bake sales and garage sales. The most hilarious fund raising I remember was where a few of my classmates pledged to go bald if people donated a certain amount by a certain time. They had a head shaving ceremony.

The swim team had an annual service trip to the Philippines to go help out at the children’s home while training in the sizzling sun of Manila. I was on the swim team the last two years of high school. I signed up for the Manila trip without much hesitation. The first year I was there, we dug out the foundation and mixed the cement to lay out the foundation for the future school building. The very next year, we saw a four story school building at the very same place. The local children could finally have proper schooling. My heart was full from seeing how much the place and the children grew within a year.

It would take me another 500 words to describe all the other miracles that I have seen and experienced throughout my trips. This is all to say that going on mission trips have somehow become a lifestyle.

However, being a missionary kid does not automatically make me a missionary, that has to be understood. Mission trips at the moment is still just a way for me to grow and learn more about the world that God so loves. Every trip is a growth spurt and answers to questions that God has been preparing for me to discover.

So even after high school and during my first year of university, I found my spiritual family in Bread of Life International. Guess what? They also had mission trips–to Hungary.